Natural stone is made from the earth and it’s extremely volatile environment. Stone can have different looks, with different designs and shades within the same stone. The thing that most people don’t quite know is that every batch of stone that is blown out of a side of a mountain, can vary wildly in looks from one part of the mountain to the next. For example the photo used with this blog is a side by side view of a granite stone called Ouro Brazil, even though it looks like two different materials, it is the same stone. The only difference between the left and right side, is that it was blown out from a different section of the mountain. When it comes to fabricating this material for existence, this definitely matters… say you want a kitchen remodeled and you need 2 slabs of Ouro Brazil, and lets say one of them gets damaged and we need to buy another slab, well, sometimes the material is there, but it looks different… that whole job is going to go on pause until we find a piece that matches somewhere. Sometimes (very rarely) a fabricator can get all the way to 96 percent done with an entire home remodel and the very last piece gets damaged, in that case we try and get another slab, and if it is unavailable, or if the material is a different shade, or it is just not going to match up, in that terrible small chance… we will have to scrap the whole job, and start all over. This is why Cascade Surfaces and Design stands above the rest and this is why we do field measurements and templates, to absolutely make sure that something like that doesn’t happen to one of our clients. We take pride in our work, and will continue to do so for the Columbia River Gorge and surrounding areas!