People often ask us “what is fabricating exactly?” or “what does fabrication entail?”, so please let me explain the process and how it starts with a phone call and ends with a beautiful countertop that you love. We begin with you, You are interested in updating your space, wether it be a kitchen, bathroom, bar, office, or what have you. You give Gianino Marble & Granite a call and we talk through options for the material that best suits your needs. Next we do some measurements, we measure your space, we talk about the functionality of the area, and what you would like to see with the finished space.

We then work on an estimate for you, we take the square footage of the space and with the material that you decide on and figure out a price, you then agree with the estimate and put a deposit down on the job. When the time comes we pick up the slab color and style that you previously decided on. If you decide that you would like natural stone like granite or marble we encourage you to go to one of the local slab yards and look at all of the stunning slabs that they have, and you hand pick the slab(s). If you decide on quartz, its a little simpler, you just pick out the style and we pick it up for you.

We then go back to your space and template it, we lay a material down on your cabinets or other area and mark every single detail of the space for exact measurements (not all cabinets or walls are created equal and we need to make sure the counter fits just perfect). The next step is fabrication, we start by taking the slab of material that weighs between 1000 pounds and 2000 pounds, (sometimes you need more than one slab for a particular job) and getting it on the cut table. We cut the material to your specifications, and transfer the pieces to the polishing tables where we spend hours upon hours smoothing out your edges and corners to a smooth, uniform edge detail of your choosing.

Lastly we load up the counters and bring them to your location, bring the countertop(s) in by hand, and at this point one counter or island can weigh up to a thousand pounds, we very attentively install your new counters, which have been fabricated all by hand using handheld equipment with the upmost pride and completely custom to your exact needs.

Depending on the job size, the type of edge detail, and material, the whole process can be done in less than a week! Completely custom and hand fabricated stone counters are worth every penny when you see it transform your space into something to be proud of. Wether your budget is considerable or modest, we can provide you with exactly what you want, and strive for perfection with each and every job, big or small.