Have you ever wondered how Quartz is engineered? It’s actually pretty interesting how it is done.

Raw quartz is a stone that is quarried in mines all over the world and it is one of the hardest stones out there. The process of turning quartz into a surface begins with crushing the quartz into more uniform particles ranging in sizes from small grains to  larger pellets and mixing them with a resin binding agent and color pigments. Other materials such as glass, mirrored particles or other elegant stones can be added in at this time. Once everything is mixed, it is poured into a mould. Unlike marble that is made into blocks and then cut into slabs, quartz in manufactured by the slab. The slab will be leveled and then sent into a “vacuum” chamber where all air is removed. The next step for the quartz is then to be placed into a kiln so it will have a chance to set up and harden. The final step is to grind the slab to the required thickness, the average is usually 2cm or 3cm and then cut to 10′ x 5′ but can be slightly less. The engineered quartz is then honed, trimmed and polished before it is shipped off to various distributors where it awaits a buyer.


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