Not everyone knows that natural stone like granite or marble come directly from the earth… and not only from the earth but from giant quarries. At the quarry they use dynamite to blow the stone loose from the earths mantel, (imagine it as a huge loaf of uncut bread) then they cut this huge stone into slabs (just like slices of bread). The whole stone is sometimes 80,000 pounds and each slab can be about 2,000 pounds. Then the slabs are sent to slab yards like EleMar and Pental Surfaces out of Portland, where they are sold to fabricators, like us. You are able to go to these locations and check out their different stones like granite, marble, soapstone, limestone, onyx and quartzite.. you can also look at quartz, even though quartz is manmade it is still a highly sought after material to use as countertops, or other projects around the house. Our photo is Carrara Marble quarried in Italy.